Signature Campaign



Until end of presale

until end of ICO







Presale bounty
  • To participate in the bounty, you must first sign up on the platform to start earning points. You can start earning points by following and engaging with AngryToken within other features on social media, joining us on Telegram, uploading videos or articles, etc.
  • You can earn 10% of every friend you invite to join our bounty campaign and once they start earning you will start earning too till the end of the bounty. You can also earn points for every friend that you invite to invest and for inviting friends to join us on Telegram.
  • There are 8 levels in our bounty campaign. Each level has different amounts of ANG in the token pot, the higher the level the higher the prize of the token pot. Depending on which level you are in by the end of the presale, you will receive the amount of ANG in the token pot divided by the number of people in the same level as you.
  • Points and tokens are two different things. Points put you into levels with different prizes. The more points you have, the higher the level you will be placed in which means the bigger the prize will be. Let’s say you have 10000 points on October 8th, which would place you in level 5; this means that at the end of the sale you will receive a share of 200000 ANG along with everybody else in that level. Say there are 1000 people in the same level, you will all get $200 worth of ANG tokens, thus 100 ANG. (Because at the end of the presale ANG token will be worth$0.50 , or fifty cents.) Keep in mind you will receive your prizes when the presale ends, which means when we sell everything, or on March 3rd.
Signature campaign
Promote us in the forums by adding our Signature and Avatar to your profile, and start earning ANG tokens as a reward for participating in our signature campaign. Post like you normally would wearing our signature and avatar to help us get attention.

Budget: 500.000 ANG of the bounty budget will be allocated for paying our signature campaign participants.
Payment Structure: Payments will be based on weekly stakes:

Jr. Member and Member:


Full Member:


Sr. Member:


Hero and Legendary


Rules of Signature Campaign:
  • 1: Keep the signature and until the end of the campaign, removing signature in the middle of campaign will disqualify you from the eligible list of participants.
  • 2: You must post a total of 50 posts during the period of the campaign.
  • 3: Posts must be constructive and on-topic. Spamming, low quality posts, copy-paste and off topic posts will not be counted.
  • 4: Eligible posts must be 75 characters long. Posts shorter than 75 characters will not be counted.
  • 5: Payments will be given out at the end of token sale.
  • 6: Keep your signature until the spreadsheet is updated with your final post count (allow at least one week to count posts) Removing signature before the post count will simply disqualify you.
  • 7: Newbies are not allowed to Join.
  • 8: Managers and owners reserve the right to apply new rules, change any existing rules or any other reasonable changes (including payment structure and amount).
How to join:
Coming soon...