Open Source will save Social Media

Choosing technologies involve committing to open source solutions that will influence the community and encourage a thriving business spread over a long term. It demands thoughtful attention and foreknowledge. When a company will risk on improper solutions, the result is usually enormous improvement costs and diminished flexibility. And guess what’s even worse – they both can cling around for an extended period.

Since the last decade, selection of open source software at the business level has incr ...
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The Unfair Incentive Systems for Content Writers on Social Media

Social media these days stands to gain from unfair incentive systems for content creators. Publishers and content advertisers fiddle with social media algorithms and formulate clickbait (and seldom even fake) content to increase ad impressions and traffic. The quality of social media content has drastically decreased, and creativity is completely out of the game.

Where does the problem lie?

The problem is not associated with content producers, but with wrong incentive systems of socia ...
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A New Concept of Social Media

An Introduction

Fake news that is mind-numbingly boring is all over media these days. News feeds are filled with trending faking news which compels audiences to panic and clicks. The media is going crazy over several other subjects like data mining, celebrity wardrobe malfunctions, and what not. Amid all the media frenzy does anyone care about the diminishing value of content? Isn’t content supposed to be engaging and informative for the readers? While these quest ...
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