The Beginning of Bitcoin

I am Satoshi Nakamoto!

Bitcoin was formulated as a public scheme. It was designed as open-source software and issued to the people in 2009. Bitcoin was invented with freedom of thought and openness. However, amidst all the openness, there’s one big question that remains unanswered. That would be “who was the founder of Bitcoin and who is Satoshi Nakamoto?”

Satoshi Nakamoto – the master of Bitcoin

On January 3, 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto launched the Bitcoin system by mining the first section of the ledg ...
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Changing Social Media, the Cryptocurrency Way!

The beginning of a new revolution


A new cryptocurrency is all that social media needs to combat with the nuisance caused by fake social media accounts and create an honest and fair structure for content producers. In today’s scenario, a cryptocurrency can help content producers earn money for quality content as opposed to the inauthentic content that is used for creating virality.

Blockchain – the next big thing for social media

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