The Unfair Incentive Systems for Content Writers on Social Media


Creativity Unfair Incentive

Social media these days stands to gain from unfair incentive systems for content creators. Publishers and content advertisers fiddle with social media algorithms and formulate clickbait (and seldom even fake) content to increase ad impressions and traffic. The quality of social media content has drastically decreased, and creativity is completely out of the game.

Where does the problem lie?

The problem is not associated with content producers, but with wrong incentive systems of social media. Typical social media platforms have incredibly centralized arrangements which directly harm the interests of content producers.

Social media holds all the content. On almost all social media sites (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.), content writers produce tons of material like publishing images and social media posts. Such content attracts a lot of likes, forwards or comments. The inclination of these content writers eventually contributes to the success of the social media platforms.

However, all the content belongs to these centralized platforms. Social media platforms then use this content in the form of advertisements to gain enormous profits. But, there are no substantial incentives for content writers, who then end up gaining nothing.

Unfair reward mechanisms of social media

The incentive system of social media is exceptionally unfair. In the prevailing social media environment, the compensation mechanism only strives for content writers to create content that grabs the audience’s intention. Consequently, most content producers have grown into exploitation objects of the centralized social media platforms. They produce and distribute knowledge, but they either get none or very average incentives.

Inauthentic content – social media’s dark secret

Inauthenticity, rather than authenticity, appears to be the rule of the social media game. This mistake is evident all the time. Social media publishers force faking news and trending topics into advertisements to get more traffic and followers. Examples could be anything – from a natural disaster or Wimbledon results. Just because a celebrity is trending on Twitter, doesn’t mean you have to post about it. Corny images, unwanted call to action, weird taglines, the world of social media has shifted from authentic to irrelevant content.

AngryToken – bring authentic and engaging content to the audience

Fortunately, the wait to deal with this inauthentic system of social media content creation has come to an end.

AngryToken – the open source platform built on the Ethereum blockchain is the technology hack which has given birth to the concept of “decentralization.” It is a new concept of social media developing robust platforms that encourage valuable content and ensure that the writers are compensated fairly.

The two platforms are – Snipad, a platform for news, and Slinkad, a platform for video content. Opposed to conventional social networks: users of AngryToken can effectively manage their content and decide their incentive structure by communicating with the publishers.

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