Open Source will save Social Media



Choosing technologies involve committing to open source solutions that will influence the community and encourage a thriving business spread over a long term. It demands thoughtful attention and foreknowledge. When a company will risk on improper solutions, the result is usually enormous improvement costs and diminished flexibility. And guess what’s even worse – they both can cling around for an extended period.

Since the last decade, selection of open source software at the business level has increased as more businesses recognize the significant benefits open source solutions carry over their established equivalents.

So, this is how the two AngryToken platforms – Slinkad and Snipad came into being. They both are open source platforms which come with plenty of benefits for the end users.

Why Open Source for Businesses?

Here are a few reasons why businesses are moving towards these solutions:

1. Significance of community

Open source solutions channeled toward the business usually have growing communities around them. Being wrapped in a conventional approach to strengthen and enhance a solution that both, the business and the community gain from. The global alliances fused around developing these solutions propose innovative ideas and capabilities quicker, sounder, and more productive than in-house teams working on exclusive solutions.

2. Collective strength of the community

Many brains can produce excellent results. The combined potential of a community of skilled people working in agreement presents not only fresh ideas but faster growth and troubleshooting when problems occur.

3. Transparency

In case of open source code, you gain complete clarity into the code foundation, as well as all conversations regarding how the community evolves features and handles faults in the code. There’s no secrecy involved, you know what you’re getting.

4. Security and Reliability

Finally, with open source code, there is no scope for doing something wrong. All the users will have their eyes on it. Which comes up with stronger code than restrictive codes.

The thought behind choosing open source for AngryToken

The primary idea behind the inception of AngryToken is transparency for the content publishers. Another is the involvement of the community to get social media content quality back on track. This is where the role of an open source code comes into the picture.
All the AngryToken platforms are designed to offer exceptional levels of independence in content publication, without political, religious or cultural restrictions. Users will be directly accountable for the content they publish.
The AngryToken platforms are open source. This permits anyone to investigate the code and guarantee that the arrangements are protected. With this setting, everything is out in the open, so users would know if there was any danger to their data. For example, a company like Facebook contrasts with the proprietary systems because the code is kept secret.