Give Me a Like!

Anna Stoikov

The ever-growing craving for likes on social media

The attention people these days get from social media ranks higher than the attention they expect from their loved ones. Their world revolves around “likes” on their social media posts, pictures, videos, etc. They measure their popularity based on likes and consider the number of likes directly proportional to their self-esteem and confidence. With time, our brains are getting more and more used to seeking social approval. So, the result – viral posts and fake news.

Social media users are making the most of viral content and fake news to get likes. This type of content spreads like wildfire on the internet. A deep-dive into Facebook has shown that fake news is liked and shared more than authentic news. And, you’ll be stunned to know that it is not bots or machines doing the job, it’s real people on social media spreading the fake content.

Get over the “likes” trap with AngryToken

AngryToken’s content platforms – Slinkad (for video content) and Snipad (for news-based content) do not have a “like” feature. On these platforms, you will only find content that is authentic, original, and high-quality. In exchange for AngryTokens (an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency), content creators can post images, videos, blogs, articles, etc. on a broad spectrum of topics.

Both of these platforms will be decentralized, allowing content creators to publish their content without a third-party authority ruling their space or sucking up there deserved income. These platforms will allow content creators to directly form agreements with clients and advertisers through smart contracts. This will give each side more control and streamlining the process.

Also, content will be classified by a community voting system that assigns negatively flagged content to particular users, the Guardians, for evaluation. High-quality content will get added visibility through AngryToken’s algorithm and be further liable to earn from smart contracts. This decentralized system empowers humans to review the content, which bypasses the obstacles that Facebook and other platforms have because of their primary algorithmic systems.

Become an esteemed member of the AngryToken community

If you don’t like fake advertising and don’t wish to be pampered with false likes and shares, you are a perfect match for the AngryToken community.

So, join the AngryToken platforms and get paid for the quality of your content, not the quantity or virality. AngryToken and its members respect high-quality, authentic, and original content.