Changing Social Media, the Cryptocurrency Way!


The beginning of a new revolution


A new cryptocurrency is all that social media needs to combat with the nuisance caused by fake social media accounts and create an honest and fair structure for content producers. In today’s scenario, a cryptocurrency can help content producers earn money for quality content as opposed to the inauthentic content that is used for creating virality.

Blockchain – the next big thing for social media

These days, social media channels are all about fakeness – fake profiles, fake users, fake content, and what not. Blockchain is a “real” thing that allows audiences to socially verify the content they’re reading. Moreover, the concept of cryptocurrency is crafted to deal with fraudulent online transactions and ensure that social interactions are genuine and fair. Cryptocurrency can also provide social media readers with a platform to reward content producers for their high-quality content by sending them a small share of cryptocurrency.

The need for cryptocurrency intervention in social media

Whether it is YouTube or Twitter, content producers are not being compensated fairly. For instance, a platform like YouTube is growing because of the incredible content produced by content creators. However, when it comes to sharing advertising profits with them, YouTube does not play a fair game.  Content creators are unaware of the profits earned by YouTube through advertisements on their content and lack motivation by YouTube to create superior-quality content which is authentic and reliable. The earnings depend on views because of which content creators across the world end up posting even fake content which can earn them subscribers and viewers.

Cryptocurrency is the need of the hour to prevent unfair systems from taking over social media content.

Where does AngryToken fit into the picture?

Since social media platforms are encouraging low-quality, fake content, the audiences are being devoid of reliable, useful, and authentic content to make informed decisions. AngryToken is an Ethereum blockchain based cryptocurrency that vouches for high-quality valuable content and ensures that the content writers are compensated fairly.

The two platforms are – Snipad, a platform for news, and Slinkad, a platform for video content. It is an open source project and both the platforms are built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Decentralized platforms – an added advantage

Both platforms, Snipad and Slinkad, are decentralized, enabling authors to publish content without a primary authority forcing its command or owning all the revenue.

AngryToken is a survival kit for authors and content producers who provide high-quality, trustworthy, exclusive, and valuable content for the social media readers.

If you’re a content creator who has been struggling to get associated with a powerful platform which fairly rewards content producers based on quality of content they provide, then partner with AngryToken. You will not only make lots of money with interesting and real content but also get an opportunity to link yourself with a large base of advertisers and clients who are looking for “real” content.

AngryToken is unidirectional mission with an aim to change social media the cryptocurrency way!