Are you angry about...

Having your online privacy invaded by data collectors?

Seeing nothing but low-quality content on every platform?

As a content creator not making enough money for your hard work?

The social media revolution starts here

What does society even value anymore?

Guided by the rules of the web high-quality information has been lost in favor of lower forms of entertainment. Video creators and freelance journalists are forced to create generic content that will guarantee more "shares" or "likes" to attract large advertisers, diluting any relevant information. On top of that, content creators earn far less money than they should and have to split their profits with third-party providers which collect your users' data and use them for targeted advertising. We shouldn’t be subjected to such manipulative business practices just to keep in touch with our family and friends! No wonder content creators are angry! You should be angry too!!! Because you end up consuming lower quality content and your privacy is being unfairly invaded and traded. Fortunately, we have channeled our anger into something valuable: AngryToken, a cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum blockchain technology that gives people the freedom to express themselves without collecting your personal data!



Guardians is a decentralized information verification system where content is evaluated by real people instead of computer algorithms. Registered experts ensure the free flow of accurate information by way of democratic voting, keeping content that is reasonable, respectful, verified and legal.


Rosetta is a digital marketplace where freelance translators and voiceover artists from around the globe are ready to bring the rest of the world closer to you, exponentially expanding your marketing power and brand message. You can turn to Rosetta for any language service you need.


U-Share users can earn a simple commission by promoting company products and services. A user of Slinkad and Snipad can find a product they like and promote the advertisement within the AngryToken community or between friends on other networks, for fair and fast financial compensation.

Easy Exchange

Easy Exchange is a fiat exchange program that meets the financial needs of the AngryToken community by simplifying the process for people who want to cash out ANG (AngryTokens) in Fiat currency (dollars, euros, yen, etc.) or vice-versa.

Empower & Rewarding

Will have direct control over the channels they want to be associated with and how content creators will get paid, in fact, smart contract technology allows advertisers to pay content creators based on the parameters they want: clicks, views, installments, etc. Slinkad and Snipad will not take a percentage of these earnings. Advertisers can even compensate users for buying, sharing or promoting their brand through the U-Share program. Incentivizing the general public to use their product or service will create unprecedented levels of customer loyalty to the company that other businesses will simply not have.
Smart contract technology gives creators the chance to negotiate a fair wage directly with the advertiser. Creators have full control over which products they want to be advertised over their channel, ensuring that they are comfortable with the message they are sending to others.
Any viewer can make a reasonable profit simply by watching full advertisement messages and by sharing products and services within their community. Viewers can also earn a percentage back on all the purchases generated from their network at a rate decided by the advertisers (with a default minimum of 1% on all purchases).

Token Sale Info

Do not buy AngryToken!

We understand that whitepapers can be long and incomprehensible. That’s why the AngryToken community is doing their best to simplify the language whenever and however possible. We think it is necessary for every investor to read the whitepaper and understand the project thoroughly.

Read our Whitepaper

Why should I invest?

It’s open source

AngryToken is an open source community where any investor can implement progressive ideas for the project and its future. Current social media networks have no interest in changing their business model to benefit the users, but AngryToken is dedicated to creating a new social ecosystem where all parties prosper.

Low supply & high demand

We are creating our own infrastructure with a low initial token supply and a high potential for demand to keep the ANG’s value strong. Considering the huge volume of social media interactions, we are sure to grow exponentially in the upcoming months and years. Joining now will have a big advantage later.

Bring social media back to its origin

In AngryToken we strongly believe in the rapid distribution of information offered by social media, but this original use has been distorted for profit. We are trying to correct the mistakes made over decades. In the Slinkad and Snipad platforms we want to bring back the high quality information available to everyone.

Join Team

AngryToken is an open source project that welcomes anyone with an innovative vision. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, we do not use the references of popular characters and instead let our strong community indicate the direction. Join the AngryToken team and help us build a better social media ecosystem!